Page Title: The Site Updates (210x30 gif)
The purpose of this page is to list the changes, modifications and additions made to this site.

They are listed in Descending chronological order.

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  • September 2005:
    Work commenced to re-design the site using CSS
  • August 2005:
    Added new Stationery
    Seascapes: Fiji Sunset
  • July 2005:
    Added new Stationery
    Floral: Pearls and Roses (Tom Cross)
    Native American: The Shamen (Denton Lund)
  • June 2005:
    Added new Stationery
    Floral: Pearls and Roses (Tom Cross)
    Native American: The Shamen (Denton Lund)
    Seascapes: Beauty Of The Fury (Danny Hahlbohm)
  • May 2005:
    Added new Stationery
    Seascapes: Jetty
    Seascapes: Moonlight In A Frame (Danny Hahlbohm)
    Seascapes: Beach Sunset
  • April 2005:
    Added new Stationery
    Creatures:Wild Spirit (Jim Warren)
    Native American: Cougar Moon (Denton Lund)
    People: Reflections (Tom Cross)
  • March 2005:
    Added new Stationery
    Creatures:Colours Of The Rainbow (Jim Warren)
    Fantasy: Conducting The Cosmos (Tom Cross)
    People: Warming Up (Tom Cross)
  • February 2005:
    Added new Stationery
    Seascapes: Huge Wave
    Seascapes: Sail (Danny Hahlbohm)
    Seascapes: White Gold 2 (Danny Hahlbohm))
  • January 2005:
    Added new Stationery
    Creatures:Elk Standing
    People: Sea Of Love (Danny Hahlbohm)
    People: Portrait Of Haley (Jim Warren)
  • November 2004:
    Added new Stationery
    Creatures: Together Again (Jim Warren)
    Creatures: Honeymoon (Kayomi)
    Fantasy: They Only Come Out At Night (Jim Warren)
    Floral: Flowers! (Tom Cross)
    Native American: Seated Maiden
  • October 2004:
    Repaired a few errors in the Australian Prime Ministers Section
    Added additional information about these PM's
    William Hughes,
    John Gorton,
    Harold Holt and
    Robert Hawke.

  • August 2004:
    2 new poems were added to the site
    Precious Promises and Peace
  • June 2004:
    Added new Stationery
    Fantasy: Rose of Guinevere (Denton Lund)
    Landscapes: Sacred Grove (Greg Olsen)
  • May 2004:
    Added new Stationery
    People: Bride's Hierloom (Tom Cross)
    Native American: Blue Wolf (Denton Lund)
  • March 2004:
    Changed the design of the website
    Work commenced on changing the site from HTML 4.01 compliant to XHTML compliant.
    The site was moved to another server.
  • December 2003:
    A hard drive failure, and the files on the server becoming corrupted, meant the loss of my entire Awards program. This resulted in major changes being made to the program itself. This included, among other things, all criteria was changed, the scoring system was changed, a new award added, the addition of a status page and the addition of a statistics page.
  • October 2003:
    Work began on making the Entire site W3C HTML 401 compliant.
    The Stationery section was modified.
    All Midi files are now original compositions.
    Tubes section removed. This was done to resolve any copyright problems that may have arisen.
    The navigation system was re-designed to allow "Cross-Platform" compatibility.
  • June 2003:
    The new section "My Australia" was finalised and uploaded.
  • May 2003:
    Uploading of the newly designed web site was completed and servers were redirected to the new site. A new section "My Australia" was commenced.

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