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Choices !!
In life, everyday is a struggle.
Trying to decide what is the wise thing to do.
What is the right thing,
which decision to make?

Choices !!
You ponder until you think 
you have come to the right decision.

But still you have doubts. 
You question your decision ...
so afraid of making a mistake.

Choices !!
Now you have made the decision.
A moment to late you realize it was the wrong one.

Choices !!
You realize it ... but is it too late?
Not only have you hurt yourself,
but you have hurt another.
Can this ever be undone?

Choices !!
We all are human, and we  do make mistakes.
To err is human to forgive divine.

Choices !!
Have you not ever regretted an unkind word or deed.
Can you find it in our heart to forgive mine?

Choices !!
I am so sorry if I hurt you.
Do two wrongs make a right.
And is saying it is over
that we are through
really what you want to do?

Choices !!
I jumped to conclusions that my anger let me see.
I blocked out all else.
When I should  have trusted you.

Choices !!
The years we spent together to they not count at all.
Please don't say it 's over or from your grace I did fall.

Choices !!
When passion seems to disappear and
you find you still do care.
That's when you know that love
was really always there.

Choices !!
When you judge what's best to do ...
to call it quits  or start again

We were always more than loves
you and I were best of friends.

Choices !!
I know that I do love you  and
I think you love me too.
There was never any other
It was only ever you.

Choices !!
Yes, we have some things to work out
We will be just fine.
In you heart you have to know
that I am yours and you are mine.

Choices !!
As I hang up the phone and 
you say you'll give it thought.
I sit and think how foolish
and now what be the cost.

Choices !!
I only know that I do love you 
Don't know what else I can say.
I pray that you'll forgive me
and together we will stay.

Choices !!
Has it been only an hour
Seems like forever to me.
It is your decision. 
What that will be I'll wait and see.

Choices !!
I couldn't sleep last night I think I shed a million tears.
A mistake made in haste threw away so many years.

Choices !!
As I sit drinking coffee 
I did not hear when you came in.
I felt your hand on my shoulder
and I saw your tear eyed grin.

Choices !!
I stood up and you embraced me
and said how you loved me so.
I cried out to you my darling, 
I love you more than you can know.

Choices !!
Hearts get broken, tears are shed.
Lives can be destroyed.
Take the time to think it over
before you mark it void.

Choices !!
We all have choices to make 
in everything thing we do.
Just don't forget the magic
in three little words . . .


- I - L-O-V-E - Y-O-U -

Poem written and copyrighted by


I would like to thank Connie for her kind permission to use this poem on my site.
Please visit her site atAngelkat50and read more of her fantastic work.

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