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Copyright has always been a problem for Webmasters.

To explain what the general view of copyright is I have placed links at the end of this page. These links will take you to sites that will explain in detail what effect copyright has on the Net and what is really meant by the word copyright.

Listed below is how Copyright affects my site:

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  • No part of Scaramouche's Web site or the contents within are to be copied, altered or transmitted either by e-mail or by hard copy in any manner. No unauthorized use or duplication of graphics, poetry, awards, images, text, etc., are to be made without express written consent of Scaramouche.
  • None of the poetry on this site was written by me but is proudly displayed with the authors written consent.
  • The portraits of the Australian Prime Ministers, and much of the information on the Australian Prime Ministers, is displayed courtesy of the National Archives Of Australia.
  • All of the MIDIs files used in the Stationery are original compositions and are used with the composers written consent.
  • The graphics on this site are mostly my own creations and are therefore owned by me.
  • The majority of the graphics used to create the Outlook Stationery are original compositions. These graphics are used with the artists written consent.
  • Should you need any other information regarding this copyright statement or written permissions, you may contact me, the webmaster, by clicking on the email link below.
  • If you should see that someone has infringed upon this copyright, or perchance I have somehow infringed copyright then please contact me and let me know by Email.  There is a link on the previous page.

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16 Sep 2005

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