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Positions Held In Federal Government (316x25 gif)
House of Representatives- Ballaarat:
29 Mar. 1901 - 23 Apr. 1913 (Retired)
01 Jan. 1901 - 24 Sept 1903
External Affairs:
24 Sep. 1903 - 27 Apr. 1904
05 Jul. 1905 - 13 Nov. 1908
Leader of the Opposition:
26 May 1909 - 02 Jun. 1909
01 Jul. 1910 - 20 Jan. 1913
Acting Prime Minister:
May to Oct. 1902
Leader of the Protectionist Party:
1903 - 1909
Leader of the Fusion Coalition:
1909 - 1912

Positions Held In State Government (299x25 gif)
Victorian Legislative Assembly:
Feb. 1879 - Aug. 1879 (West Bourke)
After an allegation that eligible voters had been excluded from voting he resigned his seat as a matter of principle.

Jul. 1880 - Oct. 1890 (West Bourke)
28 Mar. 1889 - ? 1900 (Essendon & Flemington)
Nov. 1883 - Feb. 1886
Minister for Water Supply:
Minister for Health:
Minister for Public Works:
Mar. 1883 - Feb. 1886
Chief Secretary of Victoria:
Feb. 1886 - Nov. 1890
Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party:
1886 - 1890

Important Legislation Passed: (245x25 gif)
The Census and Statistics Act 1905
This act set up a federal bureau.
The Papua Act 1905
Established an administration for Australian controlled British New Guinea.
The Representation Act 1905
Provided for the alteration of electoral boundaries.
The Copyright Act 1905
Began the process by which the basis for a uniform national system for copyright, patents and trademarks was established.
Amended the Judiciary Act 1906
To restore to the High Court a bench of five judges.

The Quarantine Act 1908
Providing the basis for a national quarantine system.
The Invalid and Old Age Pensioner Act 1908
Giving pension rights to people over 65.

Made These Official Visits (229x25 gif)

Attended These Conferences (244x25 gif)
Member of the Colonial Conference, 1887.
Attended the colonial conference in London in 1877, with the Victorian delegation.
Deakin led Victoria's delegation to the Imperial Conference in London 1887.
In 1890 Deakin was Victoria's delegate to the Australasian Federal Conference in Melbourne
Conference agreed to hold an intercolonial convention to draft a federal constitution.
In 1891 Deakin was the colony's delegate to the first National Australasian Convention held in Sydney, which produced a draft Constitution Bill.
In 1897 he was a delegate to the second Australasian Federal Convention, which opened in Adelaide in March 1897 and concluded in Melbourne in January 1898.
Victorian member of the delegation to London to secure the passage of the Commonwealth Constitution Bill through the Imperial Parliament, 1900.
Attended the Imperial Conference, London, 1907.

Served On These Committees (240x25 gif)
Member of the Federal Council of Australasia, 1889, 1895, 1897, 1899.
Chairman of the Royal Commission on Food Supplies and on Trade and Industry during the war, 1914.
President of the Commission to the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, 1915.
President of the Royal Commission into Irrigation, 1884.
Attended the first Federal Convention in Sydney on March 1891 as a delegate for Victoria and was a member of the constitution committee.

Other Positions, Affiliations and Memberships (375x30 gif)
NOTE: These may not all be of a political nature. They include memberships of organisations and clubs as well as appointments to positions after they retired from politics.

He was a member of the Eclectic Association.
He was a member of the Theosophical Society.
He was a member of the Australian Natives Association (1884-c1919).
Deakin was founding chairman of the Federal League of Victoria in 1894.
Attended the International Exposition in San Francisco in February 1915, held to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal.
He chaired a Royal commission to investigate wartime supplies and prices in 1915.
Attended the Federal Council meeting in Hobart in 1896.

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