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Bought to you by Gavin  A.K.A. "Scaramouche"
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Firstly allow me to offer you a very warm Aussie style welcome by saying "G'day,...Come in, pull up a pew and make yourself comfy".

This site is my humble contribution to the World Wide Web and I hope that your stay will be pleasurable and interesting. Like the vast majority of the sites that you have visited in the past I have hopefully placed something of interest to you on it.

For ease of navigation I have divided up the site into different sections that are relevant to the topics covered.

On the subject of navigation:
Every page has a site menu placed at the top of the page.
To make navigation even easier has meant that some sections required the provision of a second menu.  This second menu is "Subject Specific".   It only contains links to the pages that are directly related to the area of the site you are viewing.  This second menu is in the middle of the page,

What's on offer on my site?
Listed below is a listing of what sections are currently available on my site.  I have also included a brief discription of what each section is about and what you will find when you visit that section.
Outlook Express Stationery:
Offers freely available stationery I have designed for use in Outlook Express. The section also contains some suggestions & tips on getting the best out of Outlook Express.
The Australian PM's Section:
Contains details of all the Prime Ministers that have governed this fine country of mine.
The Christian Section:
Contains Poetry that has an inspirational theme. None are my own creation but are used with the authors consent.
The Poetry Section:
Contains Poetry of a general nature. Again none are my own creation but are used with the authors consent.
The About Me Section:
This is an introduction to the author of this site.

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If at any time you wish to write to me then feel free to use the link provided as I would love to hear from you.

It was the visitors contributions, comments, suggestions and at times criticism, that has helped me to develop the site to the standard it is now. Therefore your comments are more than welcomed and will be appreciated.

All that is left for me to say it that I hope that you enjoy your visit and that you will become a frequent visitor.  I am always trying to add new content to improve the overall interest of my site so please don't be a stranger.  You now know where I am and the door is always open to you.

Please take a few moments to read the Copyright and Privacy statements as I personally feel that these areas are very important.

Point Of Interest:
It should be noted that some programs used to prevent those horrible and annoying "Popup Windows" will also prevent the Alt Tag from being displayed on graphics that I have been used as links. This is because the program may be interperting the graphic as a banner.

Rest assured that every graphic does have an Alt Tag.
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Every effort has been made to make this site as accessible as possible to all it's visitors by designing it to conform to the major Internet standards. I have been able to achieve this throughout the site with the exception of only one section and that is in the Outlook Stationery.

I have made it possible for visitors to preview the Stationery before downloading it and it is these 'Popup' preview windows that do not conform.

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Koalas (87x105 jpg)
Koalas (87x105 jpg)

The owner of this site is proud to call himself an Australian

Please Note: I have used an Australian dictionary to check the spelling on this site

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